• KN95 Disposable Protective Mask (Pack of 2)

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    2 for $10

    We want you to feel safe when you go out. These KN95 Masks have a filter efficiency of more than 95% 


    1. Select the appropriate model according to your face type and loosen the headband, with the soft metal strip of the nose clip facing upward;

    2. Put the mask on and let it fit snugly over your face, then put on the headband and adjust it to a comfortable position;

    3. Press the nose clip with your index finger and middle finger simultaneously from the top of the center to both sides until it is close to your nose bridge;

    4. Cover the mask with both hands as much as possible and conduct positive and negative pressure tests to make sure that the mask fits you well.


    Keep from moisture, store in a cool and ventilated place 

KN95 Disposable Protective Mask (Pack of 2)

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