• Good Citizen Coffee Bag 12oz.

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    Easy Does It: The Colombian decaf is one you can enjoy from start to finish. A mix of castillo and caturra and grown between 1200-2100 MASL - it is a washed, ethyl acetate decaf. All this means to you is that it's decaffeinated naturally using sugars and then steamed to ensure all of the caffeine is extracted. You'll taste caramel and toffee up front with a touch of lemon acidity. This is a sweet and creamy coffee that will perk up your taste buds only.  Tasting Notes: Lemon & Toffee, Creamy, Medium Roast

    Chin Up: Chin Up is balanced, approachable and utilitarian. This blend is made up of Latin American coffees and is designed to fit your every need - whether that's for a heavy bodied espresso, a trustworthy batch brew or a velvety smooth iced coffee. Chin Up reminds you that you've come this far and you can keep going. You have everything you need to succeed - starting with a great cup of coffee. We taste dark chocolate and cherry. Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate & Cherry, Balanced, Medium Roast

    Hang Tough: Hang Tough knows you've got a lot on your plate. This Guatemalan dark roasted blend is as familiar as trustworthy. With tastes notes of dark chocolate and molasses and a full body you'll get the jolt you need to keep keepin' on.  Tasting Notes: Chocolate & Molasses, Full-Bodied, Dark Roast

    Finca Santa Elisa Pachup: Finca Santa Elisa Pachup is named after Saint Elisa who is known in this area and Pachup is named after the local tree called Chup that is found in many areas on the farm in Yepocapa. This coffee has taste notes of brown sugar, honey, and tangerine. Tasting Notes: Fudge, Tangerine, Balanced, Medium Roast

    Palmera: Plenty of brown sugar sweetness highlights this coffee's tart cherry acidity. Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Caramel, Balanced, Light Roast

    Valle Verde: A sticky body, tart cranberry acidity, and sweetness like dried apricots make for a deliciously balanced Peruvian cup. Tasting Notes: Apricot, Coffee Cherry, Juicy, Medium Roast

Good Citizen Coffee Bag 12oz.

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