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    Coravin Wine Access System empowers wine enthusiasts with the ability to pour the wines they desire without pulling the cork. The remaining wine in the bottle continues to age naturally and can be enjoyed again weeks or months later, since the wine was never exposed to oxygen.

    Unlike more cumbersome systems, which require the cork to be pulled and allow oxygen to enter the bottle, the Coravin System is Portable and leaves the cork in place. Once the needle is inserted, the wine flows out, yet oxygen never gets in. When the Coravin System is removed, the cork reseals itself, protecting the wine for oxidation. 

    SIP your favorite wines noting the subtle changes in the aging process, then enjoy that very same bottle again later at its peak of perfection. 

    SHARE a sampling of your favorite wines with special friends without feeling that you have to finish the bottles that night.

    EXPLORE different vintages, try new food and wine pairings, or customize your wine tastings. Expand your knowledge of fine wines by comparing and contrasting with ease....all without committing to the bottle. 

    CONTAINS: Coravin One, 2 Coravin Capsules

Coravin One

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