• Blomma Flower

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    We have spent years trying to create the best faux flower. We did make some cool glass ones but they were way too delicate and crazy expensive. We needed to find something that was a little more reasonable to make.

    So it was one night at home after watching The Lorax that with the kids and my wife, who was just getting home from her felting class, that the idea finally came to fruition and Blomma was born, a unique, fun and modern alternative to traditional fake flowers.

    Use the Blomma's in your flower vases for those times that you don't have fresh flowers but you still want your vase to look colourful and happy. If you're a plant person, pop a Blomma into the soil of your planter for and whimsical pop of colour. 

    Fun Fact! Blomma is the Swedish word for Flower


    Product Details

    • Material: wool and iron
    • Dimensions: 7” tall
    • Cleaning: n/a


    • Unique gift idea
    • Fun floral arranging
    • Blomma’s will never die
Blomma Flower

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