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Milk and Honey would love to help you host your next event!

Thank you for considering us for your event! Birthday Parties, Wine Glass Painting, Themed Parties, Going Away, Retirement... Milk and Honey would love to help you celebrate any special occasion! We have the BEST and most CREATIVE customers! We welcome all shapes and sizes, your ideas we love to hear!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the space rental fee? 

A: We do not charge a fee! We are a boutique and wine bar. We staff your event and January Through September your private party needs to spend only $75 per hour on drinks/food, boutique items or packaged wine to take home with you! October through December the minimum is $100 per hour. 

Q: What may we bring to our party?

A: You may bring any food or dessert you like to add to your party experience! Also, we are happy to help you set up and tear down any décor or props. Milk and Honey will supply all drinks with our excellent wine, beer and soda menu! We also have simple food items including a cheese, cracker & honey tray, pizza, bosco sticks and warm pretzels, yum!

Q: What time can we host our party? 

A: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we close at 6pm. We host private parties beginning at 6 by reservation only. We ask you begin setup by 6 pm. Thursday, Friday and Saturday we are open 10a - 9p to the public. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, if you plan in advance, we are happy to have your event at our store with reserved seating for your party. We are closed on Sundays.

Q: I am a vendor and want to use your space for a party- is that a conflict?

A: No, we are happy to have you! Vendor events may be hosted on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evening. We are a great venue for events such as jewelry parties or informational meetings. We have an HD TV with HDMI ready ports for your audience to view slides or video from your computer and are happy to pass out informational fliers leading up to your event. You are welcomed to bring any extra tables or fixtures you need and we will help set up and tear down. Please begin setup by 6pm. We are here to help!

Q: I would like to host a wine glass painting party with my friends. Is that possible or do I need to wait for the next scheduled Milk and Honey Glass Painting Party?

A: No Need to Wait! With a minimum of 8 friends you can host your own Paint Party! The event will cost $20 in advance per person. That will include your wine glass, the paint materials, instructions and you will help us pick the theme for the painting! Money must be paid in advance and we are sorry we cannot give refunds as we buy all the materials and staff the party in advance.

Please call 636.579.0915 to book or for more details!



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